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Are you looking to plunge into a new book featuring hot steamy romances?  Maybe looking to take a dip into the pages of a reverse harem novel?  Or you could be attracted to publishing your first, second, or fifth book.  Look no further than Covey Publishing!


Storytelling is a way of life at Covey Publishing.  Here we strive to link readers to new tales and authors to new audiences.  Meander through our pages to find new worlds to explore!


If it’s new reading materials you seek, check out our author page for current and upcoming releases.  Interested in taking the plunge as an author? Check out our submissions page for guidelines to see if your story fits.  Need help with editing or cover art? Take a gander at our services page.  

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Founded in 2017, Covey Publishing is proud to support authors on their journey from rough draft to published manuscript. We take a supportive view in our edits in that we push our authors to reach their full potential so that the manuscript that goes out is the best that it can be. We will coach writers as we go through the manuscript together so that authors continue to grow within their craft. We make all covers in house to ensure that each book is best represented when it's released.


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