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Sera’s found the men she’s meant to be with, but can she find a family, too?

Sera has found her Genus with JJ, Brooks, and Souta, three elemental men she with whom she now shares unbreakable bond. With their help, she’s tracked down her father, a man she’s never met before and who she hopes will be able to finally answer her questions. 

But going from loaner to dating three guys and discovering a family comes at a higher cost than Sera ever expected. Used to being a loaner, Sera’s now unsure who she’s supposed to be, how she’s supposed to act, and if she’ll be able to hang on to herself in the process.

Then Sera gets the feeling of being watched, both at school and out on the streets. Who is stalking Sera, and what do they want? Will her new family and her Genus be able to protect her? Or will she break under the pressure?

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