Labeled a misfit, Sera’s stopped trying to fit in as she bounced from one boarding school to the next. When three determined guys take an active interest in her, can she keep them at a distance?

After years of being shuttled from school to school, Sera has built walls to keep others out, too afraid of being hurt when she has to leave. So, when Souta, JJ, and Brooks, all part of the same Genus, take an interest in her, she tries to keep them at arm’s length just like everyone else.

But being without friends comes at a risk. Sera’s never been one to keep her opinions to herself, and she draws the wrath of the dorm matron, Aguirre, who knows just how to keep young Elementums in their place.

Will Sera accept the friendship and mystical connection Souta, JJ, and Brooks offer, and the possible protection that comes with it? Or will Aguirre’s rage and need for control destroy her? As an important date for Sera looms closer, can she learn that her real strength, confidence, and courage lie in letting these men in?

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