Who We Are


Passionate About Writing

We are a team of authors, passionate about helping other authors achieve their dream of publishing.

Passionate About Books

As authors, we know that sometimes, writing the book is the easiest part of the publication process. Allow Covey to help take care of editing, cover art, and publishing so you have more time to focus on your passion: creating new stories.

Passionate About You

All too often, we see wonderful stories receive negative reviews for bad editing, or lack of interest because the cover doesn't live up to what's inside. Let us help polish your book into the gem it is.

About Our Team

LA Kirk

LA Kirk has a background in Business and Project Management. After working for years as a freelance editor, she connected with AJ Anders and Lyn Forester who shared her passion for helping new authors grow and publish, as well as supporting established authors to meet the demands of their busy schedules.
Lyn Forester

Lyn Forester has a BA in English and an AA in Graphic Design. After working in commercial graphic design in Washington for almost a decade and writing after hours, Lyn Forester decided to take the plunge into the publishing world. She released her first book, Beneath a Holo-Sky, in 2016. While writing, she connected with many other authors who shared a passion for helping new authors grow and joined with LA Kirk and AJ Anders to take on publishing.
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L&L Literary Services is a House Name that includes the imprint Covey Publishing. Here, we strive to help authors take their manuscripts through the entire process from rough draft to publishing with top notch editing, beautiful formatting, and amazing cover designs. Whether you want L&L Literary Services to handle only a few steps of the process or see your book all the way through to publishing and marketing, we are here for you.


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