Amanda Perry

Fangers, Furries, & Fruit Flies | Prequel

The world has been segregated for years. Supernatural beings and humans don't mix. With an uneasy truce in place, both sides have allowed their fear of the unknown to morph into an uncompromising hatred for all those who are different. Each species police their own, and territorial boundaries are never crossed. Now, for the first time in history, the three ruling houses of the most powerful supernatural nations have become united.

When the possibility of one ruling Council becomes a reality, a new prophecy comes to light. In order for the Council to succeed, humans must have representation in the council. 

Reid Matthews, the Alpha of the North American shifter territory and his new chosen brothers, Elijah Thornhill and Noah LeRoi, aren’t willing to tempt fate by ignoring the prophecy. They issue an invitation for humans to join the council. 

College student, Remy Stevens, has lived her whole life in one town. Now, thanks to her father's new job, Remy Stevens is about to become one of the first humans to cross the boundary in over one hundred and fifty years. Forced to make the journey with her family, what happens when she's thrown into life on supernatural territory? Will her short temper and unrelenting wit be her downfall? Or will secret prophecies, both old and new, shape a new path for her?

Find out where it all started in this prequel with Remy, Reid, Elijah, and Noah.


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