Questions & Answers

How long does it take to get a reply?

Proposals will be reviewed within thirty days. NOTE: A proposal is not a full length manuscript. Review of a proposal does not guarantee Covey will publish your book.

How do I format my manuscript?

  • Font: Times Roman 12pt

  • For scene breaks, use a line space (by hitting enter/return)

  • Double space

  • Set indentation to .5 (DO NOT Tab)

How Do I submit my Manuscript?

Submission Guidelines: Fill out the form attached to the Submission Now Button located on the Submissions page. If we are interested in reading your full manuscript, we will contact you with instructions.

Is editing included in the contract?

Yes, Covey puts your book through three levels of editing.

Level One: Content Edit where the overall plot and flow of the story is looked at to identify places where it can be made stronger.

Level Two: Line Edits to review sentence structure, word choices, and repetitive language.

Level Three: Spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors will be fixed.

What are the different reader levels?

Young Adult: Books in the young adult genre feature main characters who are under eighteen, with little detail in romantic moments, and the kids must solve their problems outside of adult influence.  

New Adult: Books in the new adult genre feature characters who are eighteen to twenty five, have more adult content, and romantic scenes are detailed.

Adult Books: Books that feature characters who are over twenty, with graphic themes.

What is a proposal?

A proposal lets us know what your book is about. This can be done with scene summaries or a general outline, but should give Covey an idea of the entire story. It should include the title, if it is part of a series, and the estimated word count.

When a steam level is called out, what does that mean?

1. Fade to black scenes.

2. Making out, but no sex.

3. Making out and sex, but not super detailed.

4. Detailed sex scenes.

5. Highly-detailed, long sex scenes with explicit language and frequency throughout the story.

Is Covey a Vanity Press? 

No, Covey is a small publishing house owned by authors. We cover all of the upfront costs of editing, cover design, and marketing materials and take a percentage of the royalties from book sales. Covey does not make money unless the author does, so we are dedicated to ensuring your book is the best it can be.

What percentage of the royalties do authors make?

Single Author Releases: Authors will be paid 45% of the net payout from distributors.

Anthologies: Authors will be paid an equal portion of 45% of the net payout from distributors divided by number of authors.

***Note: If you co-author, please contact us about terms.


Founded in 2017, Covey Publishing is proud to support authors on their journey from rough draft to published manuscript. We take a supportive view in our edits in that we push our authors to reach their full potential so that the manuscript that goes out is the best that it can be. We will coach writers as we go through the manuscript together so that authors continue to grow within their craft. We make all covers in house to ensure that each book is best represented when it's released.


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