Soul Catcher Series | Book 1

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Catching the souls of creatures and using them to change form is a biological right in a world of shifters. Unable to harness this gift has made Vex feel alone. When the city she lives in collapses around her, she scrambles to escape. 

With only a few survivors flanking her, Vex sets out to find safety at the next shifter sanctuary, hidden inside a mountain. As the largest city in the shifter world, it offers the protection they seek. 

But evil licks at the edges of Vex’s sanity, and darkness haunts her dreams. Night after night, her consciousness is pulled into a garden of temptation, where she connects with a being who claims to know why she is unable to shift. Discovering the secret might come at a price Vex is unwilling to pay.

When faced with the embodiment of evil, will Vex  gain the strength to overpower the constant threat to her loved ones, and her safety? Or will they be the first to fail against a sinful quest to destroy the world?

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